Dear Inge!

Jul. 24th, 2010 03:47 pm
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I learned one new Dutch word - gezellig. This time it is a good one. I understand it has very general and all-inclusive meaning. Something like "cosy". So my Dutch vocabulary has increased 25%.
But my best phrase still would be about shoes! (I can't come up with the spelling now - help me!)

Dear Inge!

Jul. 19th, 2010 09:39 pm
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Please see my previous post.
I am quite sure that by wearing these heels I will be very close to your height.

Dear Inge!

Jul. 6th, 2010 06:15 am
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What was it? Did we really see each other? Yes! I have pictures to prove! (To follow!)

I was looking forward so much to our date and I absolutely screwed it up by bringing my girls. I know you are kind enough to reassure me otherwise, but I am a big girl and I know better. My idea to bring them was a very simple one. I wanted to share with them my friendship with you. My love of Upper West Side.
But the day was too hot, S. is too little and time was too short.
I guess I really need to come to the Netherlands to spend some time with you, even if only 2 days.
Anyway, it was wonderful to get together. I miss you already.

Dear Inge!

Apr. 18th, 2010 07:21 pm
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It's been a while since I promised you I'll post in English. It's been also about a month since me and L. went to see one of my favorite streets in Manhattan.To be exact it is not a whole street but a little strip between 6th and 7th Avenues. Nevertheless it is a little treasure for such flower lovers like me. And if you remember I took you there once. And in one of the stores a guy, I guess, wanted to start flirting with us (two married women) and asked if we were sisters. That was really funny because sure we are both white and tall but there the similarities stop. So it has special memories.
But that day in February it looked like this.

As usual I went inside this wholesale store. They also sell to general public, and the prices there are ridiculously cheap. They prefer cash, but when I didn't have any - they used credit card.

But don't expect to buy a flower arrangement there. All you can find are something like this.

Water lilies! Purple! Never seen them sold.

This picture was taken inside another store on the opposite side on the street. This one specializes in tropical leaves. Many of the stores are very cozy. They look like family businesses with pictures of children and telephone numbers written on the walls near the telephones with very very very long cords. And also this sign of home - cats. Sometimes they are a necessity as there are mice in the shops.

These in the middle are baby pineapples, tinted red (I hate tinted flowers!).

These leaves are just 10 bucks each.

Orchid shop.

This is something you might want to buy to put your flowers in. Baskets and some other not live stuff.

Never, in my opinion, a waste basket looked prettier than this. These below are just some garbage cans. Sure flowers in them are wilted and absolutely not fresh but I guess there are people who have a desire to take them for free. Otherwise those flowers wouldn't be gracing the street but would be put in some dumpster. And they stand there so pitifully but proudly in the very last attempt to decorate this street.

I especially like this picture with taxi cabs. So much New York.

And this is something that made not just my day but my year and many years ahead. This is mimosa. This huge bunch was only $25. But it can barely describe my happiness. You don't know it but this flower is associated with spring and holds happy memories for many women from the former Soviet Union. It smells grassy and fresh. I was fortunate enough to buy mimosa in NY three times - this time being the third. I remember them all. It is so special. Some people even think this flower is not available in the US. But there is everything here - you only need to know where to look for it. (And it also grows in California).
All this aside I was happy to carry this bunch through the streets and many people asked me what kind of flower it was and I was happy to chat.

Dear Inge!

Mar. 14th, 2010 01:36 pm
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It was such a nice surprise to get a package from you! Immediately I understood that it must be my birthday gift. Thank you! The jacket fit just right, like it was made to order according to my measurements. The color is such a noble shade of rose that I don't even know what I like better - the feeling of silk or this wilted rose color.
I read once this interesting article about names of colors back in 18th and 19th century. And there was one color that was described as a combination of yellow and rose-pink(at that time I thought - How is it even possible?). I think I now understand what they meant, because the jacket is just this incredible color. The name of that color was (in English) - color of a thigh of an aroused nymph.(The original was in French). It sounds very sexual. You can imagine some lingerie of this sensual hue, but believe it or not the silk of this color was used for lining for coats for higher rank officers in the Russian army.(Sure I am talking about 18th century, not these days).
I like it so much with the contrasting lining of soft yellow that I put it on a hanger outside of closet so I can admire it all day long.
Thank you for the candy - you just know what I like.
And the card is such an essence of what everybody knows and likes about Holland.
But let's put aside all the praises for the gifts. The best thing about your gifts as usually is simply the fact that YOU gave them to me. Thank you for being my friend. Sveta.


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