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Вот что пишет сам Гоша.

Я хотел бы обратиться ко всем, кто не остался равнодушен к трудностям, с которыми мне пришлось столкнуться.
Когда на фоне полного благополучия, ты понимаешь, что есть реальная угроза жизни,которая только началась, и ты пробуешь принимать обдуманные самостоятельные решения, строить планы, о чем -то мечтать, но понимаешь, что все может оборваться в миг, любая поддержка придает столько сил для борьбы за эту жизнь.
Я и мои родители пережили все это,в том числе, и благодаря ВАМ.А когда помощь оказывали люди, знакомые мне по рассказам моих родителей, родственников или близких друзей семьи, а то и вообще совершенно незнакомые, то слово благотворительность, носящая, честно признаться , раньше весьма абстрактный характер, превратилось в силу, которой можно верить.
Удивительно, но появлялась гордость за ЛЮДЕЙ.
Я прошу прощения за то, что не писал ранее, но, к сожалению, после того как вернулся в Россию в начале декабря, примерно через неделю у меня обнаружили абсцесс в месте операции.Пришлось повторно оперироваться, уже в России. Операция прошла успешно.Перенести ее было очень сложно.Эмоции брали верх, "подливая масла в огонь" моей не справляющейся с ситуацией психике.
Пришлось находиться дома в ожидании следующей операции по восстановлению дефекта кости (дырки в голове проще говоря) в течение последующих 4 месяцев.
На сегодняшний день (примерно 5 недель после последней операции) мое состояние хорошее. Конечно, еще беспокоят различные ощущения, но никаких выпадений функций, слава Богу, нет. Окончательные результаты последней операции будут понятны где-то в июле (прижилась ли кость или нет), и по основному заболеванию - в течении пяти лет. Но говорят, что абсцесс сильно уменьшает риски рецидива, поэтому будем надеяться на то, что на этом мои "приключения" закончатся.
Этот учебный год мне пришлось пропустить, поэтому я уже с нетерпением жду сентября, когда смогу продолжить нормальную жизнь.
Я очень благодарен всем, кто помог мне справиться с недугом.Близким,родственникам, друзьям, друзьям друзей и просто незнакомым.

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Давненько я не писала про Гошу. На то были причины. Он перенёс еще две операции после первой.

Dear Friends and Family!
It has been a long time since my last update about Gosha and his health situation. Many of you have contacted me to ask how he is doing and I felt I owe all of you who got involved a letter of update. Gosha has been through a lot and the family didn’t feel like talking about it at the time of difficulty. Financially they were OK. We (me and Dmitriy) were as much a moral support as we could be across the ocean.
The most important thing and the good news is that Gosha remains cancer free and didn’t require radiation or chemotherapy. But the road for him hasn’t been smooth. So let me start where I left the last time.
He and his mother flew back home in the beginning of December. He even went back to school a couple of times. Then it was discovered that the operation scar got infected. There are different tactics to deal with that. The doctors in St. Petersburg recommended an operation to clear the infected tissue. It was performed in December. For almost three weeks after Gosha had been on bed rest and it affected him and the whole family physically and emotionally. His parents took turns day and night to care for him as this is the reality of hospital care there. They felt that nursing care is almost nonexistent and they wanted to provide for Gosha the best they could. Kostya (Gosha’s father) also worked full time while doing that. Natasha took time off.
By winter holidays Gosha was home and adjusting to his new life. Doctors removed a part of scull bone and his brain partly was covered pretty much only with skin for the time being. Since Gosha missed so much of school work it was decided that he skips this year. It was a difficult decision but it was done in the best interest of him.
Still he continued to study at home and also attended a computer course in which he proved to be the best of the whole group of children there. His mother jokes that this is only because he didn’t need to do any other homework. But we know this is only partly true.
In the beginning of April the third operation was performed to put back the fragment of the scull bone that covers his brain. ( The one that was removed during the second operation). That was an easier task as it didn’t involve getting into the brain. And Gosha was home after barely a week in the hospital. By Russian standards that is really quick.
So now he is home and enjoys a normal life of a teenager – computer, reading, going out with friends.
He also wrote a letter of thanks that I am attaching to my letter. His letter is in Russian and those of you who are not going to be able to read it please contact me for help.
I want to thank all of you again because we truly believe that it was really important that Gosha’s tumor removing operation was done here in the US in the best hospital in New York . Your moral support meant a lot to both families. And with your help it was easier to pay for the operation. As for the complications, they do happen and some of them may be very serious and we are lucky it is over and we are blessed that Gosha is cancer free.
I know that a lot of you also asked your own friends and family for help and I might not have all the e-mails of all people who took part in Gosha’s cause. So I am asking you to please forward this letter to everybody you know who was involved. Love and health to everybody. Sincerely yours.
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Отчёт для благотворителей.
"Dear Friends and Family!
Once again I would like to thank everybody for your support and fundraising efforts! So far through the website we raised more than $13,000 and I know that some more donations are on the way. Also we have collected about $4,000 with just a word of mouth among our friends and those funds are also readily available to pay the bills.
I would like to report to everybody that the first two checks were sent the other day to pay the Surgeons fees ( $4,000 each paid by Altruistic World). We are still waiting for the rest of the bill to be finalized.
Gosha and his mom left New York last Monday November 30th and they are already home. I just want to add that because of the strike of some services in Helsinki instead of 1 hour waiting time between the flights they had to wait for 12 hours. But they were going Home and Gosha felt good so it was not too bad."
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Below is the letter from Svetlana Kolesnik the hostess for Gosha's family.

"Dear Friends and Family!
I am sorry it took me several days to write another update. Some of you have already called or e-mailed me asking if everything was OK. I should have written earlier to give the good news to everybody.
His pathology diagnosis is juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma (low grade astrocytome). The tumor was taken out completely and without complications because of it's location. No radiation or chemotherapy is nessessary for this type of tumor which is a great thing - possibly many of you know that this part often has many side effects and very difficult on patients. I want to assure you all that Gosha is doing very well and is expected to go back to school after he comes back home. He and his mom have tickets to fly back for 30th of November. So they are staying with us for Thanksgiving even though Kostya is missing them very much and all of them want to be reunited.
I want to thank you all for your support of Gosha and his family. But also I want to thank you for supporting me at this difficult time. With some of you I talked on the phone or communicated by e-mail even though I never met you. And those conversations helped me to get going and take care of Gosha and my extended family. It was this time of life for me when all hardships come at once. But I had a lot of energy to stay on top of all the tasks and your involvement was something I personally greatly appreciate.
If you have any questions please e-mail me or call me. Thank you all. Svetlana.
P.S. Pictures to follow!"
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Это моё очередное письмо.

Dear Friends and Family!

It has already been several days since Gosha's discharge from the hospital and I would like to update you one more time.

After the surgery Gosha spent two nights in pediatric ICU. Then one more night in a regular ward. His mom was with him all the time. The stuff in the hospital was very professional and supportive. The process of recovery was going the way it was expected so November 12th I picked them up in the hospital and we came home in the afternoon. He feels good, has great appetite and is strong enough to go for walks and to play computer games.

Friday November 20th he will see Dr. Greenfield and Dr. Schwartz. They will give us the pathology results and remove staples.

Thank you everybody for your support! I received several phone calls in the end of last week, so hopefully more donations are on the way. It is greatly appreciated by the Staroselskiys family and us.

Many people mentioned problems and even impossibility of donations through the website. We talked to the site organizers - sometimes the response is not immediate. I suggest if it persists - give my phone number to prospective donors and I will try to find another form of donation, that is going to suit people. Love, Svetlana.
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А это моё сегодняшнее письмо. Откуда-то взялись силы на русский вариант, зато наваляла ошибок в английском. Надеюсь, что меня простят. Прощу ли я себя? Думаю, что да. Целый день болит голова.

Dear Friends and Family!

Thank you very much for your donations - the network of support you all created is amazing. Donations come from all over the world. We would like to continue asking for donations - so if you can think of some other sources it is greatly appreciated.

So far we have raised about $10,000.00. 

I would like to provide you with some update on Gosha's condition.

Yesterday November 9 we were at the hospital at 6 a.m. But Gosha was taken to the operating room only at 7 p.m. In the morning he was busy doing CT scan and other things. Everybody  - nurses, techs, nurse aids were really helpful and nice. The operation before Gosha's took much longer that expected - this explains the wait. Gosha was in a good mood almost all the time. We actually had great conversations about different things and once again I realized what a great young man he is -smart, respectful, interesting to have a dialog with, open-minded and curious. And extremely patient! (He didn't have anything to eat or drink since last night!)

When it was time  for him to be taken to the operating room Natasha went with him and stayed in the OR until he went to sleep.

After about 2, 5 hours doctors Schwartz and Greenfield (I misspelled his last name in my previous letter) came to us to inform that the surgery (Craniotomy with the resection of the tumor) went well. We will still have to wait until the pathology report tells us exactly what kind of tumor he had and what the next step is.

By 10 p.m. Gosha was brought to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Natasha and me went to see him. He was awake, had some pains and discomforts, but medically his condition was good and his doctors were pleased with the outcome.

Natasha was allowed to stay overnight with him which she did.   

Once again I would like to encourage you to get in touch with Kostya, Natasha and Gosha by telephone, e-mail, vkontakte etc. They need your moral support and your warm messages - otherwise they might feel isolated! Our family is trying our best to keep them in a good mood. Don't be afraid to get in touch with them

Thank you one more time! Love, Svetlana.

P.S. I spoke to Gosha on the phone today around 5 p.m. - he sounded really well and optimistic. 


Дорогие друзья и родственники! Большое спасибо за вашу огромную поддержку семьи Старосельских! Финанасовая помощь приходит из всех уголков земного шара - от родственников, друзей и от людей, которые просто хотят помочь. Мы уже собрали около 10 тысяч долларов.


Вчера Гоше сделали операцию (краниотомия с удалением опухоли). В больницу мы пришли к 6 утра, но операция началась только в 7 часов вечера. (Затянулась операция, которая началась утром.) Все время в ожидании прошло в разговорах о жизни. Гоша - удивительный собеседник - умный, внимательный и начитанный. И потрясающе терпеливый, особенно учитывая то, что он ничего не ел со вчерашнего дня! И не пил.

Потом его забрали в операционную и Наташа прошла туда и присутствовала при введении в наркоз. Потом мы с ней ждали в комнате ожидания и через 2,5 часа пришли доктора Шварц и Гринфилд и сказали, что операция прошла успешно, теперь будем ждать результатов гистологии - это займёт около 3 дней. От этого будет зависеть дальнейший план лечения. 

К 10 часам вечера его перевели в реанимационную палату. Мы с Наташей прошли туда. Он уже проснулся от наркоза и мы с ним разговаривали и объясняли ему всё, что с ним происходило и беспокоило. Ночью он спал - что очень хорошо. На сегодня планируется перевод в обычную палату после дополнительных исследований. Это значит, что состояние его хорошее. Наташа продолжает оставаться с ним, так как это педиатрическое отделение и всем родителям предоставляют такую возможность. 

Я хотела бы попросить всех, кто сочтёт это возможным, связываться по телефону, электоронной почте, в контакте и т.д. с Костей, Наташей и Гошей. Не бойтесь их обеспокоить звонками и т.п. - им нужно ваше теплое участие. Спасибо ещё раз всем за поддержку!  Светлана.

P.S. Я разговаривала с Гошей сегодня около 5 часов вечера по телефону - он звучал бодро и оптимистично.



Nov. 10th, 2009 08:58 pm
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Это моё письмо к друзьям и родственникам. На русский вариант тогда не хватило сил и эмоций - все ушли сюда.

Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 04:08:27

Dear Family and Friends! Many of us are involved in charitable work one way or another. We give money, time and services to people who need it, and most of the time we don't even know those people. Today Dmitriy and I are asking you to help our friends we’ve known for more than 30 years. Our closest friend's only son Georgy (Gosha) Staroselskiy was diagnosed with brain cancer on
October 13, 2009. He is 15 years old now. Some of you may know Konstantin and Natalia - his parents. Both of them are doctors in St. Petersburg, Russia and their financial resources are limited. The family is as brave as they could be in the circumstances like this. The tumor is very big and Gosha needs an operation in the next two weeks. It was decided that his prognosis will be better if the operation is done here in the United States. Dmitriy consulted with radiologists and surgeons at his hospital and they recommended Dr. Schwartz. All the arrangements have already been made for Gosha to have the surgery done at New York Hospital (Weil Cornell Medical College).
We are already fortunate that the operating surgeons have lowered their personal fees from $56,000 to $8,000 out of courtesy. So this way the bill was reduced from $104,788.85  to  $56,788.85. Plus the money is needed for the plane tickets and other expenses. When they arrive - hopefully this weekend - they will be staying with us for the time needed for Georgy's operation and recovery. I will accompany them to help translate and transport them (Gosha and Natalia) wherever they need to be.
Asking is difficult so please forgive me if my letter may not have all the details. Whatever the amount we will not be able to raise we will pay ourselves. And we appreciate all and any help.
Our friend Marina Souni (wife of Alex Gak) offered to help collect donations through her Charity organization Altruistic World. So this is a site that can be trusted – you can have my word for it. There you can see some of Gosha’s pictures, his MRI film and an estimate of the hospital bill.
If you would like to donate otherwise – give me a call or e-mail me at...

I don't want you to feel pressured to donate - we know times are difficult now, but if you think you can help it will be greatly appreciated. If you feel you can forward this letter to some friends or organizations that can help I would really appreciate it too. 
We have about 4 weeks to finalize the bill - so there is still time. We are very hopeful. Thank you very much. With love.


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